CCSP associate Colin Koopman has a new article out titled “Privacy Is an Essentially Contested Concept”. As more and more of our daily transactions move online, information privacy is becoming more important than ever. Yet privacy practitioners, pundits, and theorists all agree that privacy is an idea that is a site of enormous disagreement. What constitutes privacy? When is it violated? How can it be violated? Rather than taking the contestability of privacy as a problem, Koopman and his collaborators offer in this paper a model of privacy that harnesses debates about privacy. Contestability, they argue, can be generative when it puts into play a multiplicity of ideas of privacy that can be used to respond to the multiplicity of contexts in which privacy is a right that can be violated and a good that can be diminished. The paper was developed as part of a larger ongoing project led by Deirdre Mulligan at the UC Berkeley School of Information and School of Law.