Center for Cyber Security and Privacy
Network & Security Research Laboratory (NETSEC) was established after Prof. Jun Li joined U of O in Fall, 2002. NETSEC lab has graduate and undergraduate student researchers, visiting students and scholars, and collaborators from both industry and academia all over the world, closely working together on various research topics related to cyber security, especially network security. NETSEC lab actively research how to make networking perform better and more securely, seeking cutting-edge solutions that are not only thought-provoking in a lab environment, but also feasible and deployable in the real world.
The LASR Laboratory is located in the Computer Science Department at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Our research focus is on active networks, network security, operating systems, file systems, distributed systems, and systems support for mobile computing and wireless networks. The Laboratory's research programs are guided by: Dr. Peter Reiher, adjunct professor at UCLA. Developer of system software for networks and distributed environments for over twenty years, including naming systems, replicated file systems, systems for secure collaboration over insecure networks, systems for defense against network-level attacks, and ubiquitous computing systems.
The Data Privacy Lab conducts research in various areas in data privacy and security, data mining, and other related fields. Current topics include: Privacy preserving data mining Privacy preservation in social networks, healthcare, and GWAS Privacy aware database generation for software testing
The IVL lab is located in the Department of Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Led by Prof. Aidong Lu, IVL is focused on the research of interactive visualization, including the visualization for network and security solutions.